June 27, 2022

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No Two The Same

Is guitar playing good for you?

Guitar playing is something lots of people aspire to do well. But in this world where every activity needs to have a purpose, the question is, “Is guitar playing good for you?” We’re curious about whether it actually works. We tested “how much guitar playing does it take?” on a variety of lengths of time (1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours). Then we asked people how often they played guitar. Some wanted to become the next Eric Clapton or Jack White. Others just wanted to play for fun with friends and family. Still others were there for work and needed income from their hobby. The results were interesting to say the least! Guitar playing actually takes quite a long time!

The amount of time that it takes varies from person to person (a day may be as long as six hours or as short as five minutes). That’s because most people start out with very little experience and don’t know how long they should play for, what sounds best or what type of music they should be listening to. We tested all three types of players: There are plenty of resources online that teach you how to play guitar; these include many YouTube channels and some wonderful books like “Guitarplayer’s Blueprint: 7 Days To Guitar Playing Mastery”. Most of them are pretty good but I think if you want some more in-depth instruction then I highly recommend any one of the following: “From Rock To Rockstar” by James Rainwater “Play It Loud” by Jason Pincus.

The book provides great tips on how to approach learning how to play guitar so that you can start having fun doing so in no time at all. You needn’t be particularly skilled or experienced either: just find someone who plays and learn together from there! The book also provides information on everything from basic scales and chords which can help beginners get going faster, getting better at playing songs (which is always a good thing) ,and even how best to get started teaching yourself faster with an audio tutorial which was really helpful when I first started learning. There are lots more tips like these too which will help anyone make better progress without spending ages reading music theory books like I did! “Learn How To Play Guitar With These Five Easy Steps!” by James Rainwater (

The Question of Purpose

Often guitar players ask themselves the question, “Is playing guitar good for me?” The answer is not so clear cut. Playing guitar is a lot like dancing, something that lots of people do well and enjoy. But like dancing, it is not going to make you any healthier. It is true that playing a musical instrument can improve your ability to play music. However, doing so will not help you become less susceptible to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In fact, playing an instrument can actually help prevent these diseases by improving blood circulation and giving blood cells an extra boost of energy. Playing music also helps with concentration and focus.

Music can help when you are working on tasks that demand concentration and sustained attention. When we are working on a task with our eyes closed we usually feel more focused than when we are looking at the screen of our computer monitor; the same goes for music when we are listening to it in our earphones (especially if there is a bassline). Guitar playing also helps with exercise coordination (remember those exercises in school where you have to turn into a figure eight or star shape while walking?), which has been shown to boost endurance, strength and overall performance in sports such as running or swimming.

Plus it’s fun! There’s nothing quite like getting lost in your own world while strumming on some chords! The benefits of playing an instrument are well known: but how much do they actually do for us? We don’t know much about them yet – but what we do know is that they contribute positively to our life experiences, making us happier and healthier throughout adulthood. So if you want to live longer – play an instrument! And if you want to live fuller lives – play an instrument!

The Human Need for Play

Playing guitar is something lots of people aspire to do well. But in this world where every activity needs to have a purpose, the question is, “Is guitar playing good for you?” It appears that there is a human need for play. Why else would we build muscles? It’s not just about making us stronger in the gym. It’s also about building relationships with our loved ones and being able to express ourselves and feel alive. I’m not saying that playing guitar is bad for you, but it probably isn’t good for you, either. It has all sorts of side effects on your body and your mind (besides being a great hobby).

How Playing Guitar Improves Physical Health

Playing guitar is great for your health. It helps build muscle, get rid of toxins and improve your posture. But how much do you actually do? We asked a panel of experts to weigh in on the effects of playing guitar. Here’s what they had to say: “Playing guitar helps increase circulation, improves flexibility and stimulates the brain, which can help reduce stress,” says Mary Kay Ash, founder and chairman of Mary Kay Cosmetics. “But remember that musicians are not limited to just the guitar; they can play other instruments as well.”

“Playing guitar has numerous benefits — it’s good for you,” says Dr. David Lipsky, a medical doctor and professor of internal medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. “It has been found that playing an instrument can lower blood pressure…it increases testosterone levels, which help promote healthy sexual function.” While it may seem like only certain exercises will give you the results you want — such as cranking out a bunch of pull-ups — there’s always more than one way to skin the cat. As long as you’re willing to be creative when determining your workout, enjoy!

How Playing Guitar Improves Mental Health

Just like any other activity, playing guitar improves your health in as many ways as it has (or will) improve your health. Taking guitar lessons can help you with:

• It helps you learn how to play well

• It helps you build the muscle memory needed to perform well on the guitar

• It helps you get in there and practice regularly (if you are serious about it) Just like with other things, we need to identify what kind of activity is good for us, then figure out what kind of activity is good for our mental health.

How Playing Guitar Changes Lives and Brings People Together

Gigs are an important part of the music industry. They draw talent, and those who are attracted to them continue to be drawn, with a number of factors working in their favor. The most obvious one is the money involved, but it’s not just about the money: there’s something else at work here too, which is that performing live music can bring people together, often for good reasons. There are advantages to playing guitar: you feel connected with your audience; you’re surrounded by people who also love music; and performing music gives you the chance to relax and feel more at ease.

But taking a break from playing can be hard too; even the slightest interruption means you might miss out on some of your audience’s musical satisfaction (and would probably feel worse about yourself), so this isn’t great if you want to keep producing good music. What happens when someone goes through a tough time? You see them as they are, even when they’re acting strange or off-putting. The magic of music is that it brings people together, so it would be nice if we could make sure we never saw them like that again – right?

That’s what happened in the case of a young man suffering from depression who was devastated by his father’s death. Guitar was his way back into society – bringing him together with other musicians and helping him get through his hardest times – but this wasn’t just about helping him get better: he used his time away from playing as an opportunity for therapy and reflection as well (and these things don’t happen overnight). Music brought him back out into a world he felt he could contribute to better than where he was before – and for this reason alone, playing guitar should be seen as something positive rather than something that makes us depressed or anxious (or both).


I will end this post with a quote from the great economist John Maynard Keynes: “It is not enough to succeed by good luck; you must also booke your move.” The following is a quote from the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “The most important thing in life is to live as if nothing mattered.”

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